Kroppen Saxony, Germany.
Hermsdorf Saxony, Germany.
Hermsdorf Saxony, Germany.
Kleinkugel Saxony, Germany.
Berlin, Germany.
Ahrensdorf Brandenburg, Germany.

(work in progress)

Sites of Memory ii

I am interested in how memory is made visible and how conflict, photography and memory dovetail. The way in which most of us remember a conflict via imagery and not actual experience and how the memorialisation of these things often stands in stark contrast to our collective imagining. In Sites of Memory ii, Germany is a mirror held up to ourselves; a response similar to that of Britain's, which was buried by history

"Every one of these images tells a similar tale, for the very good reason that memorials, by their very nature as markers of time, are also markers of changing and contested histories. This is a rich and interesting collection because it directs our attention, with wit and irony, toward a set of bitingly relevant issues."

David Brett, Source Magazine