Sheerness, England.
London, England.
Abergavenny, Wales.
Ballachulish, Scotland.
Belfast, Northern Ireland.
London, England.
Hebburn, England.
Compton Road, Wolverhampton.
Swinton, England.
Aberystwyth, Wales.
Heathtown Park, Wolverhampton.
Bolton, England.
Dublin, Ireland.
Fozbury & Oakenwood, England.
Glasgow, Scotland.
Glencoe, Scotland.
Wallsend, England.
London, England.
West Auckland, England.
Church Street, Wolverhampton.

Sites of Memory

The first WW1 memorial I ever saw was at the top of our street. You couldn’t read the names, as the acid rain from the local factories had washed them all away. 

These images are about reading those names. The decisive moment has passed.

"Harrison’s photographs of British war memorials investigate private memory and its fusion with commemorative forms in the urban, suburban and rural landscape. His images explore the spectator’s experience of recollected time and historical time within familiar places and alongside daily patterns of activity. The body of work is about visual experience and what the act of looking can tell us of our individual and public histories". 

Catherine Moriarty, Professor of Art and Design History in the College of Arts and Humanities, University of Brighton